Horse Sense

There’s nothing easy about being an eleven year old boy, especially for Jamie. As hHorse Sense Cover Final vbr15e takes the unsteady steps into adolescence, his days of knowing who his friends are and trusting the adults in his life are numbered. The only thing Jamie can really count on in this changing world is the love of his best friend, a horse named Acorn. Jamie and Acorn’s friendship has a magic that comes once in a lifetime—but the bullies around them want to rip that to shreds. Can their kindred connection survive as Jamie strives to carve out his identity?

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Jamie has a lovely story, and Lapo brings it out and writes it perfectly. This is a really good book for anyone of any age to read. Since I know people who have been through this, Lapo did a really good job on getting everything put together, without over doing the subject or making it over sensitive for readers. I give the book five starsSerenity Sheild on the Lovely Reads Blog

…Every child that has ever been faced with not fitting in should read this book. The young budding bullies out there could also benefit from a read. Jackie Anton, author of the Award Winning Series Backyard Horse Tales.”







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