Horse Sense on the Giorno

Today Horse Sense was featured on a major Italian newspaper, the Giorno, with a very nice article. Foto 17-11-13 22 01 15 Here’s the translation:


NOWADAYS his life is split between Italy and the USA. Lapo Melzi , 38, grew up in Vergiate, but studies  led him to the Big Apple, in New York, to specialize in writing and directing. Poet, writer , director, Lapo Melzi has just completed his new book, Horse Sense , the story of a friendship between a boy and a horse who is also a profound reflection on a delicate and complex issue such as bullying. The book, the author explains, comes from personal experience. As a child I had a horse, which I was very fond of. And I’ve lived in some ways the experience of bullying.

IN HORSE SENSE the writer-director tells the story of Jamie and his friendship with his horse Acorn. As he grows up, the boy sees many of his friends turn away from him and is targeted when he dares to defend a boy being bullied. A painful experience that can he overcomes thanks to the friendship with his horse Acorn. This great friendship provides him the way out of a condition of suffering in which he had been relegated by his peers. There are two important messages I want to convey to the audience – says Lapo Melzi – the first, that friendship with an animal can be a lifeline in a situation of loneliness, the second, that you can survive , everybody can find the strength within himself to overcome difficulties. A book that the author defines for everyone, for kid, for teachers, for parents, because it helps everybody to understand. Horse Sense is already available in English on Amazon, in a few days it will be also available in the Italian version. Lapo Melzi’s hope is that the book will inspire interest in the schools where teachers and principals have to face bullying everyday in its various incarnations. “I think that Horse Sense ” – the author points out – “is a book for all those who have been bullied at least once in their life, who perhaps are being bullied at this very moment, who have been somewhat humiliated and ostracized, who have been told they can not do what they want or have been made ashamed of who they are .

“IT IS ALSO A BOOK for those who love animals or want to learn to love them, who believe in the power of the friendship, in self-determination, in doing what’s right despite the consequences , and who believe that strong is not the one who never falls, but one who stands up after the fall.” Thanks to a talented illustrator, Gabriella Ballin, who created some wonderful illustrations in silhouette, a variety of gadgets and gifts inspired by the book itself are now available on the Zazzle store of Horse Sense.

Rosella Formenti

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