Horse Sense on “I Libri di Lo”

Today Horse Sense was featured on the Italian blog “I libri di Lo” with a dedicated page. A great thank to Lo for her consideration and interest in the book. 🙂
I libri di Lo - Autunno 2013

…What made me chose to separate this title from the other recommendations is the fact that this book deals with bullying, a terribly relevant topic these days… — Lo

Here’s the full introduction by the blogger:

Today, to start the new week, I’ll feature made-in-Italy recommendations I received in the last ten days. The first of this Monday, the only one I reserved a separate space for, is a story of the friendship between a boy and a horse. Yep, this alone hit me in my soft spot, but the thing that made ​​me decide to separate this title from all the others is that the book is also about bullying, a topic terribly relevant nowadays, and a problem we seem unable to tackle. The young protagonist of Horse Sense overcomes this experience thanks to the friendship with a horse.
The novel is available in both Italian and English, and what’s more a number of dedicated gifts are available on Zazzle (you can find all the links at the bottom of the post).
I regret I don’t have the time to read it right now, but I hope to find an opportunity soon, because this is a story that really inspires me. What about you?
Below you find plot, biographical notes and  an excerpt of the book.



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