Quigley, Prologue

Here is the prologue of “Quigley” for you to sink you teeth in. You can read it on Patreon, download it as PDF or download as epub. Enjoy!

Quigley, a New York pet flying squirrel, abandons the safety of his apartment in order to save the squirrels of Central Park from the tyranny of a band of hawks, embarking in a journey that will either shred him to pieces or transform him forever.


Quigley’s Patreon Campaign

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Horse Sense on il LIBRO che PULSA

Wonderful review of Horse Sense on the Italian blog il LIBRO che PULSA.

An old farm with lots of horses, goats and chickens; fences with peeling pain, weatherworn troughs overflowing with rainwater and  filled with mushy leaves covering the bottom; sparse grass worn away by the repeated trampling of hooves; a car so old that its frame is riddled with holes. This is where Jamie, an eleven year old boy, spends his days with his mother and Acorn, a wonderful horse that has always been his playmate. This is the story of a good and sensitive boy ( because you know, usually those who have a special relationship with animals are a bit more sensitive than others), who lives in a riding school that would require some home improvements, but the father, who is a bit of a tyrant, works and spends their little money on his boots rather than anything else.
Jamie resents his father, as he is oppressive and absent at the same time, hardly stands his violent teacher, does not tolerate the code of silence that envelops him, rejects the malice of his peers and can’t come to grips with all this. Why his relationship with Arcorn is so incomprehensible to everyone? Why is it that if he is friends with a horse people wont’ let him around them? Why the only person who understands him is his mother, who nevertheless embarrasses him while she tries to help him?
A story centered on true friendship, the one with a capital F, the pure friendship without a hidden agenda, friendship as a loyal relationship built with patience and mutual understanding. A novel reads easily, flows smoothly and brings us closer to the pre-adolescent world, a universe pinpointed with difficulties and fears, a world where bullying lifts his head, a period where you are not totally in control of your body and the feelings contained in it. But if you’re lucky enough to walk alongside honorable and fair people, far less painful solutions might be put forward for those problems.
Jamie is a pure and innocent kid: he always fights to help the underdog, has a friendly and outgoing character, is good at school without being the teacher’s pet. This is not enough though. He fails to realize that he and his classmates are growing up and, unfortunately, the “mass” doesn’t share his  ideals and principles, rather his peers break his basic rules just to show off in front of their friends. Smoking is a step up from the losers, going home in a nice car or teasing a bigger kid with glasses makes you a hero with the girls. But Jamie doesnt’ get it (luckily, IMHO), and doesn’t want to live like that. He’d like to have human friends, but his Acorn comes first, so they will call him HORSEBOY.
A bittersweet novel that sensitive people will relate to. I lived through a similar experience in middle school, but instead of the horse I had a German Shepherd as my best friend ! 
Barbara B.

Horse Sense on the Prealpina

Here is the article that appeared on the newspaper “La Prealpina” for the presentation of Horse Sense at the Cavagliano Riding Club here in Italy. A big thank you to Roberta Gentini for having organized the even and having me there, to Daniela Enzio for her precisou help and to Carolina Manazza for her professionalism as host of the event. Below the picture you find the translation.Horse Sense su Prealpina Novara small

At the Riding Club Cavagliano the “Premiere ” of the book ” Horse Sense ” about bullying.

BELLINZAGO. The story is that of a deep friendship between Jamie, 11, and Acorn, a horse. But he speaks out about his abusive teacher, his affection for Acorn becomes the “justification ” to be mocked and picked on. He decides to leave the horse, but understands that conforming to the mass is not what he really wants. This is the theme of “Horse Sense ” (which in English also means “having common sense, ed), written by director, screenwriter and author Lapo Melzi, who works between Milan and the U.S., recently presented at the Cavagliano Riding Club. A location not chosen at random, since one of its horses appears on the cover and in his eyes you can see the semblances of some young riders who train there. The book, however, is first of all a reflection on bullying, a phenomenon that nowadays has been on the frontline in local and national news. The book wants to emphasize the ability to overcome judgments. “The novel is based for the most part on what happened to me when I was 13 years old. The teacher has the same characteristics of the one I had. Jamie is me when I was that age– said the author during the presentation–the theme is that of bullying: It is important to give voice to these situations. Fortunately, now we talk about bullying more openly, though often in a mostly theoretical way. There are many different forms of bullying. Jamie is a very open boy and ends up being bullied because he always speaks his mind. I hope that both kids and adults who read the book may have the opportunity to appreciate what it means and can understand better certain dynamics. The real problem are the people who allow the bullies to be as such. It ‘s not so much the fault of those who beats up or do other things to others, but of the ones who stand around and do nothing to prevent it from happening.” Even the deep connection with the horses that the protagonist has in the book is autobiographical: “the bond with an animal for me is something really beautiful and can become very deep, because it does not require words, but only listening, and creates a very strong affinity. The affection of an animal is a lifeline for people in need.” The aim of the author is to make known the text in schools, to facilitate a conversation on bullying. Lapo Melzi , however, is already working on another book, a sort of modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. “Horse Sense” was published first in English and then in Italian: it arrived on the U.S. market in April and has already received positive reviews from many blogs. Cavagliano was the official presentation of the Italian version. The book is available on Amazon. More information at http://www.lapomelzi.wordpress.com. Thanks to a collaboration with an illustrator, book related gadgets are also available on Zazzle .

Nadia Carminati

Horse Sense, two new reviews

I am happy to post two new positive reviews for Horse Sense.

I’ve always loved horses. I think they’re beautiful creatures, but I never realized how much personality they have. My youngest would love to have a horse of her own and I loved seeing the bond that this boy and his horse had with each other. Animals can be so loyal and fill the role of a best friend so easily. — Katie’s Clean Book Collection

Eleven year old main character Jamie really figures out who he is and who he isn’t and ultimately stays true to himself. That’s a good message for kids his age because they really are trying to figure out the world and where they fit in. — Everyfreechance